Monday, May 19, 2014

Beauty in Transitioning

Converting your hair from chemically relaxed to natural can be frustrating, but don’t give up!  When I first transitioned from chemically relaxed to natural, I didn’t have as many resources to help me as there is available today.  Now, there are several products and blogs that give helpful tips on the transition phase.
Here are some helpful tips that you can use during your transitioning phase. 
1.       Keep your ends trimmed.
2.       Style your hair in low maintenance styles that does not require your hair to be bone straight.  My favorite was getting rod sets.  Some people braid their hair or get twist and let them down.  That requires patience, so if you try it then make sure you are really up for it.
3.       Keep your hair moisturized.
4.       Detangler is a must!
5.       Keep a wide tooth comb.  I like to comb my hair in the shower when I wash my hair.  It just seems easier to comb your hair with the detangler freshly in your hair.
6.       Don’t put too much heat or strain on your hair.  Again, look for styles that don’t require a bone straight look.
7.       Get some helpful tips from blogs.  There are a lot of blogs out there with very helpful tips and support. 
Remember not to give up.  Give yourself time to really learn your hair in its natural state.
Check out these blogs:

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